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Welcome to TV20! We are dedicated to producing top-notch content that captures the vibrant life of our school district. Our productions are featured on our YouTube channel, where we bring the Lorain community closer together through engaging and informative videos. 

students running cameras at a football game


Here's the content you can expect:

  • Titan News: Stay updated with our high school’s daily student announcements. Titan News delivers important information and keeps our students, staff and community informed about the latest happenings.


  • Concerts and Performances: Experience the talent and creativity of our students through a variety of musical and theatrical performances. From choir concerts to drama productions, TV20 showcases the artistic excellence of Lorain City Schools.

  • Graduations: Celebrate the achievements of our graduates with full coverage of graduation ceremonies. Relive these special moments and share in the joy and pride of our students' accomplishments.


  • School Events: Whether it's sports events, academic competitions, or community activities, TV20 is there to capture the excitement and spirit of our school district.


We invite you to explore our YouTube channel and experience the best of Lorain City Schools. Join us in celebrating the achievements, talents and stories of our students and staff.

TV20 - The Good News About Our Schools!