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Video Production

two kids sitting at anchor desk reading from teleprompters

The Video Production program offers comprehensive training in digital video creation and motion graphics over a two-year, four-course curriculum where students can earn industry-recognized credentials. Students gain expertise across the full video production workflow from planning and filming to editing and post-production.

The core digital imaging course covers image editing skills like adjusting resolution, exposure, color correction, file compression and management. The motion graphics course focuses on creating the illusion of movement by animating graphics, text, photos and video using commercial software. Students develop themed animated products tailored for various distribution platforms. The video broadcast course builds skills specific to news/journalism broadcasting - interviewing, lighting, editing, and content research while adhering to media laws and regulations. Finally, the video production course dives into the commercial video production process - working with clients, reading scripts, planning and documentation, recording audio/video, editing, and distributing final video projects. Throughout the program, students collaborate on real-world video projects, applying creative and technical skills.



Year One
  • Digital Image Editing
  • Motion Graphics
2 credits
Year Two
  • Video Broadcast
  • Video Production
2 credits