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Yellow robot arm sticking out from a table

The Robotics program offers comprehensive training in robotics engineering and programming over a two-year, four-course curriculum where students can earn industry-recognized credentials. Students develop technical expertise in robotics operations, system configurations, coding and troubleshooting robot programming.

The core engineering design course covers the full engineering design process including optimization methods, risk management, 2D/3D modeling for designing solutions to problems, and creating technical documentation. The robotics courses build skills in programming and operating robots using teaching pendants, robotic coding languages, compiling and debugging programs. Students also explore applications of robotics in industrial manufacturing settings. Fundamental engineering concepts like mechanisms, energy, statics, materials, kinematics and systems are covered as well. Throughout the program, students apply problem-solving, research, and design skills to develop solutions for real-world engineering challenges.



Year One 

  • Engineering Design

  • Robotics

2 credits 

Year Two 

  • Engineering Principles

  • Industrial Robotics

2 credits