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Automotive Technology Maintenance & Light Repair

Three girls working on car parts

The Auto Tech program offers comprehensive automotive training over a two-year, five-course curriculum where students can earn industry-recognized credentials. Through hands-on coursework, students develop technical skills across all major vehicle systems from engines and powertrains to brakes, suspension/steering, electrical/electronics, and HVAC.

The engine/powertrain course covers engines, transmissions, differentials, and cooling systems including principles, precision measurement, inspection, and reconditioning. The brake systems course focuses on hydraulics, ABS, and supplemental restraints. The suspension/steering course builds skills in undercarriage services like springs, shocks, wheel bearings, steering components, and alignments. The electrical/electronics training covers charging, starting, lighting circuits, and diagnostics using tools and repair data. Finally, the HVAC course emphasizes A/C and heating system operation, service, and EPA refrigerant regulations for automobiles. Overall, this comprehensive program provides robust preparation for careers as automotive technicians and mechanics.


Year One 
  • Ground Engine & Power Train
  • Automotive Brake Systems (1 qtr - ½ credit)
  • Suspension & Steering (1qtr - ½ credit)
2 credits 
Year Two 
  • Auto Electrical / Electronics
  • Ground Transportation HVAC
2 credits